rental guides

Documents Needed:

To make an application on that wonderful apartment we just showed you some supporting documents will be needed with the application form.

Letter of Employment
A letter from your employer needs to state your start date, salary, position and bonus. The letter needs to be on company letter head and the person who signs it for your company should be easily contactable. If you have a housing allowance it should be stated in this letter.

Bank Statement
Most landlords want to know that you have some money in the bank and are not just living paycheck to paycheck. This can be a print out from your online account but has to have your name on it and bank account number.

Tax Returns
Some landlords want to see your earnings for the last two years. This is more the case for Coops and Condos.

Photo ID
A color copy of your passport or drivers license will be needed with the application.

If you are relocating for your job you will need to show a copy of your visa. If it has not been issued yet let your broker know so that they can determine the best way to assist you in your apartment search and making an application.

Make sure you have a credit card or cash on you to cover the application fee as this is what will hold the apartment for you. Some brokers may ask for a deposit to take the apartment off the market and that might be up to $500. We will address this if it is the case with the apartment you are applying for.