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Building Types:

New York City has three basic types of apartment buildings, some areas of NYC are known more for one type of building than another. The Upper West Side is known for its beautiful walkup brownstones while the Upper East Side is known more for its full service buildings.

The three main types are full service/doorman, elevator/lift and walk up.

Full service / doorman buildings:
These are the biggest and grandest of the buildings available in NYC. The apartments are modern and clean in finish. They offer the highest level of security and service therefore convenience and comfort are easily attained. The services range from full time doormen, roof deck, gym, laundry facilities, to swimming pool and children’s playroom. Note: not all services are available in each building although they all have doormen and laundry.

Elevator / lift buildings:
These buildings do not have a doorman or the same services as a full service apartment building. They sit between a walk up and full service building. The building may have a laundry facility and the apartments tend to be better quality than most of the walkups. They cost less than a full service building but more than a walkup.

These buildings do not have doormen or elevators; you use stairs to “walk up” to your apartment. The advantage of these buildings is character and space for price. The buildings can have 4 or 5 floors and are the most affordable in the city. There is great variety in these buildings apartments depending on how the landlord has looked after the building and chosen to renovate over the years