rental guides

Apartment Types:

Regardless of the apartment building the units inside of them all have a similar description although within the description the size can vary quite a lot.

This is the smallest of the apartment styles and will be a rectangular room which has the kitchen, bedroom and living area all included in that one room. The bathroom is separate but in the apartment.

Alcove Studio
Similar to a studio this is an “L” shaped apartment that allows the bed to be put in the foot part of the “L” creating a more open living / dining area. The bathroom tends to be off of the bedroom area.

Junior One
An alcove studio with a temporary or permanent wall put up to divide the sleeping area of the “L” off from the living area. Otherwise it is an alcove studio.

One bedroom
An apartment that has an actual living/dining area and separate bedroom that you can close a door to. The bathroom can be through the bedroom but in most cases is off the living area.

Flex (convertible) two
A large one bedroom that has enough space in the living area to have a wall put up to create another room. This is good for two room mates who want to have separate space but can not afford a two bedroom.

Junior 4
This is a large one bedroom that has a windowed dining alcove off the living room. A wall can be put up to create an office or child’s bedroom. This is an ideal apartment for couples who want space or are having lots of visitors who will need a pullout couch to sleep on.

Two bedroom
An apartment that has a living/dining room and two full bedrooms. The bedrooms can be next to each other or can be on each side of the living room “a winged apartment”

Three bedroom
This is a three bed roomed apartment with a separate dining / living room. A lot of times you might see a flexible three apartment, an apartment that has two bedrooms and can convert with a wall in the living area to make it three bedrooms, advertised as a true three bedroom apartment which makes the rental price range very wide.

Classic 6
Refers to a specific apartment in prewar buildings, these were built before World War II. These buildings tend to be more detailed and have elaborate architecture. The apartment has 6 rooms: two bedrooms with a living room and formal dining room. There is an extra bedroom off the kitchen that is called the maids room and is normally used for guests or as an office.

A large open apartment that tends to be in a converted factory building down town. Normally it has a raw feeling to it but can have very high end finishes.

Furnished apartment
If you are not looking to stay long in NYC, less that a year, a furnished apartment might work for you. They tend to be in full service buildings and come with all the furniture, kitchenware and bathroom items you will need, just bring your tooth brush. Tend to be uses as corporate housing while the transfer looks for a long term unfurnished apartment. Normal length of stay is from 1 to 4 months.

Through experience it has worked out to be cheaper to rent an unfurnished apartment in a doorman building and then rent furniture, but only if your are staying a minimum of 1 year.